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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Mayor unveils details for fairgrounds redevelopment

Mayor Herenton and his staff unveiled details Tuesday on the three options for the redevelopment of the fairgrounds, but the burden to taxpayers still remains unclear.

The city's goal is to encompass all 170 acres of the fairgrounds and enhance surrounding neighborhoods.

 "The vision is larger than the stadium or the coliseum," Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton said.

Some options produce more taxable revenue -- others produce more jobs -- putting the tough decisions in the hands of the new incoming council. All three options move the Zippin Pippin and the Carousel to the Children's Museum.

"We don't need a anywhere strip mall there. We need something that takes the unique aspects of the neighborhoods and brings them out," council member Shea Flinn said.

Here are the three proposals.

Option One:

  • Basic renovations on the Mid South Coliseum, the Liberty Bowl and Fairview School.
  • Calls for residential uses for single family, condominium and rental units along with some retail sites.

Option Two:

  • Mid-south coliseum would be torn down and a new auditorium would be built.
  • The Liberty bowl would be renovated.
  • The Fairview school would be renovated but for private use and a new smaller school would be built.
  • More emphasis on residential and retail space .

Option Three:

  • Call for tearing down the Liberty Bowl, Mid-South Coliseum and Fairview School. The plans would build a new stadium, Fairview School but no auditorium.
  • Calls for a new grocery store and much more retail.

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