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Reported by Ben Watson

Police search for Mid-South Bonnie and Clyde

Police are hoping surveillance tape will help identify suspects in a Mid-South robbery that was caught on tape.

On the tape, a clerk at the Chelsea Express is confronted by a man and a woman wearing masks and pointing guns. As the clerk throws his hands up, one of the robbers takes money out of a cash drawer. The male robber then tries to run out of the front door with the cash.

What the robbers didn't know was that a second store clerk was walking back from a next door business. And he had a gun.

"There was an exchange of gunfire between one of the clerks and a male suspect and the clerk believes he struck one of the suspects," police inspector Mark McClain said.

The male robber was shot in both legs. McClain said a short time later a man showed up at The MED with critical gunshot wounds. That man is a person of interest in the store robbery, but because the man is in critical condition, officers haven't had a chance to question him yet.

The female robber got away and officers are still looking for her.

McClain said another clue police are looking at is a red car that was spotted at the store robbery. That same vehicle was also spotted at the hospital around the time the gunshot victim was dropped off.

Officers hope to interview the gunshot victim about that soon.

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