Covington Police clear evidence room with drug burn - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Ben Watson

Covington Police clear evidence room with drug burn

Covington Police cleared out their evidence room Tuesday, clearing out nearly 30 pounds of illegal drugs and paraphernalia.
Pot, crack, and the contraptions used to smoke them...Covington Police officers took care them all, destroying evidence in a department-sanctioned drug burn.

Officers burned nearly 30 pounds of marijuana seized in drug-cases since 2004.  Bricks of marijuana worth more than $32,000 went up in smoke during the burn.

Police also destroyed crack cocaine worth about $300 per rock.

Prescription pills, pipes, and bongs were also included.

Officers involved said it was not a typical day on the job, but the burn was a necessary part of law enforcement.

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