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Reported by Nick Kenney

Fake FedEx Call Raises Concerns

A Mid-South woman got a phone call Saturday from someone claiming to be from FedEx.

The caller claimed to have a FedEx package with her name on it.

Gloria Mitchell says the first hint of something wrong came when he asked for personal information to verify her identity.

"I was suspicious already," Mitchell said. "But that just...why so you need my birthdate?"

FedEx officials say they don't make such phone calls and that Mitchell did the right thing by hanging up.

They say the company might call your house, but only to inform you that a package is ready for you to pick-up at a FedEx location. They add they would never ask for any personal information such as a birthday, a social security number, or a credit card number.

Mitchell said she already knew that. She just wants others to be informed.

"I think people ought to know that this sort of thing is our there and that some people might be more willing to jump," Mitchell said.

The Better Business Bureau says it has not received any similar complaints.

To protect yourself from phone scams, the Better Business Bureau warns you never give out personal information by phone. They also add, if you get suspicious of such a request, don't hesitate to hang up.

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