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Reported by Lori Brown

MIFA looks for dolls that child recipients can relate to

The Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association, or MIFA, works hard to help little girls get dolls that they can relate to for gifts each holiday season.

However, while 98% of the children they give gifts to are African American, the majority of the dolls they receive are Caucasian.

Betty Adams, Director of MIFA Housing, said that is something the agency is working to change.

"It would be great for the children in our program to be able to relate to the toys they do play with, and not have to say, 'Well, Mommy, how come my baby doll doesn't look like me?'"

Some recipients said the color of the doll does not matter.  Shandra Jackson said her daughter only has Caucasian dolls, and actually likes them more than African American dolls.

"A doll is a doll," she said.  "They are just grateful for whatever they get."

But Adams said the dolls children play with are sometimes more significant than that.

"If they think everything that's good, or that we put value on in our society doesn't look like them, they begin to wonder if they have any value."

Adams said it's something MIFA hopes no child will wonder about this holiday season.

MIFA's greatest gift need, according to Adams, is for gifts for teens, such as gift certificates, watches, and ear rings.

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