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Reported by Janice Broach

Officers at the center of DeAunta Farrow death investigation return to work

DeAunta Farrow DeAunta Farrow

Action News 5 has learned the West Memphis Police officers at the center of the DeAunta Farrow shooting death investigation are returning to their posts as officers. 

Sources say Officer Erik Sammis, who shot and killed 12-year-old DeAunta Farrow, will return to the force soon.  Jimmy Evans, the officer working with Sammis the night of the shooting, returned to work Tuesday.

West Memphis City Council member Lorraine Robinson was not happy about the return of the officers.

"I think it's a slap in the community's face, 'cause the whole nation is looking at West Memphis, Arkansas," she said.  "These men have committed this act, and it has gotten to much notoriety, and these men can just go back."

Robinson said the West Memphis City Council plans to vote on a resolution on Thursday asking the West Memphis Mayor Bill Johnson to request the resignation of Sammis and Evans.

Johnson said if the resolution passes, he could accept it and ask the officers to resign, or veto it.  He said has not made up his mind as to what he would will do.

Council member Marco McClendon said Sammis and Evans should resign for their own safety.

"I think its for the peace of the city," McClendon said. "I'm looking at the safety of the officer himself, as well as the community."

McClendon said he feared someone might be gunning for Sammis and Evans, and it could put the officers in a position where they might have to shoot.

Neither Sammis nor Evans were available for comment.

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