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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Owner Talks About Team and Attendance

Tuesday nights' buzzer beating loss by the Memphis Grizzlies to Portland at FedExForum was like a kick in the Gut..

But, that's just one small part of the Grizz' problem...

A bigger dilemma, there weren't that many fans there to see it.

One of the most exciting, athletic, heartstopping games of any of the teams' 7-years in Memphis...was witnessed by a little more than 11,300 fans...

A crowd that would fill the Mid-South Coliseum, but makes FedExForum seem like an empty cavern..

While the product on the court is appreciably better than last year...the Grizzlies are paying for their lack of Season ticket sales over the Summer, when fans were taking a wait and see attitude about their NBA team.

Franchise owner Michael Heisley says he is far from panicking over his teams' low attendance numbers.

"I think if we start winning the fans will come back. All you can do is try to put a winning product on the floor. We've changed the style of play to something more exciting. Management has gone out into the community and been more accessable to the fans. But it's the fans decision whether they want to support this team or not."

The Grizzlies have 8-more home games in December to try and boost those Attendance figures, starting with Next Tuesdays' game against the Detroit Pistons at FedExForum.

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