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New technology makes your cell phone your boarding pass

Soon passengers will only need their cell phones or their personal digital assistant when they check in at the airport.

Continental Airlines is testing a new paperless program at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston where a new e-boarding ticket on an Internet accessible cell phone will replace the traditional paper boarding pass.

"We constantly see that individuals are trying to manipulate the transportation system. Now because of our layered activity to secure the checkpoint, we found another way to prevent that" Transportation Security Administration's Melvin Carrway said.

While the government focuses on security, Continental Airlines exclusively signed with TSA to give passengers an even more convenient check-in option.

"We got far more people today checking in on their computers at home and printing out a boarding pass than we have checking in at the airport, it's a logical extension of that product" Continental Airlines Mark Bergsrud said.

Passengers can now skip the express e-ticket check-in and go directly to the security checkpoint.

"I just heard it on the news this morning and I thought well, I'm flying Continental today and it would be nice, but I didn't know about how to go about doing it" passenger Philip Shodder said.

Registering insures that the airline is securing flight information for passengers with individual two-dimensional barcodes.

The program is still experimental and is only available through Continental and only applies to domestic flights.

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