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Reported by Brooke Sanders

Father of Calvin Jenks vows to be present at his son's trial

Calvin Jenks always had a smile on his face.
"Its hard to remember a time when he didn't walk into the house jovial with a smile," father Norm Jenks said. "He was a fine son, a fine brother, a great husband,and he really took his job serious too."

Trooper Calvin Jenks was killed after pulling over a car on a Tipton County highway last January. Investigators say the teenagers inside shot and killed him.

"At first I was real angry and more adamant about the death penalty for minors," Jenks said.

He knew his son would want him to take action, but while researching juvenile crime he changed his mind.

"The death penalty is not really that much of a deterrant. That aspect really surprised me," Jenks said.

As he walked around his house there were many reminders of his son.  

The license plate from trooper Calvin Jenks' patrol car is a daily reminder.

"Its hard to get up every day and see that," Norm Jenks said.

But it is a burden his father is willing to bear. It is a firm reminder that he is going to be there every day for his son until the trial is behind him.

And the trials of the two teenagers accused of murdering his son cannot come soon enough.

"It's a three hour drive to Tipton County and I think we've made nine or 10 trips we've made for all of the pretrial hearings," Jenks said.

Months and months of pretrial hearings that at times were gut wrenching. At one, this father of six had to sit and listen to suspect Alejandro Gauna take the stand and recount how he shot and killed trooper Calvin Jenks.

Norm Jenks said the testimony victimizes his family over and over again.
"That's going to be the most difficult part. Sitting there having to relive every aspect of what's already transpired. There's some of it we probably won't sit through. I think its just going to be to hard for the family and I don't know that any of us want to carry that with us the rest of our lives," Jenks adds.

While he may leave the courtroom for a time, Norm Jenks says he'll be there every day of Orlando Garcia's and Alejandro Gauana's trials.

Making sure the jury doesn't forget the real victim, Calvin Jenks.

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