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Reported by Janice Broach

Local credit card scheme could be bigger than first thought

A credit card scheme at a local restaurant could be much bigger than investigators first thought.

Germantown Police say a waitress at Mr. B's stole credit card numbers from customers and the investigation is now in the hands of the Secret Service.

And an agent told Action News 5's Janice Broach more credit cards could be at risk.

Secret Service agents say customers at Mr. B's restaurant in the Germantown shopping center may not be the only ones. Owner's of Mr. B's called the police after they discovered the scam, but agents say it is likely far reaching.

The secret service confiscated a card reader from Delvecchio Norment, a man suspected of being a main player in a credit card swiping operation at Mr. B's restaurant in Germantown and possibly other businesses in the Mid-South.

Secret service agents say a former waitress at Mr. B's, Jessica Holden, used the card reader to steal credit card numbers from customers. She admitted to swiping 150 cards.

Investigators say she led them to Norment, who is suspected of using computers and other devices to encode the credit card numbers on to blank cards.

Secret Service Special Agent in charge Rick Harlow says Norment has done the same thing in the past and also believes other people are involved in the case.

"We know of less than 10 in this area we're still looking at it we don't know how far reaching it is," Harlow said. "Most of the things we have seen so far have occurred in the Western District of Tennessee some of it in Northern Mississippi and some of the leads go to Atlanta."

Harlow says these devices were confiscated from a vehicle associated with Norment.

He says the whole operation could be done in a car while someone is driving around.

Delvecchio Norment is behind bars on a warrant for another case.

Jessica Holden was scheduled to appear in court in Germantown but her case was reset until March.

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