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Reported by Nick Paranjape

West Memphis pastors claim cover-up

A vocal group of pastors in West Memphis claims there is a cover-up in the investigation of DeAunta Farrow. Thursday, the pastors said they not only want the two officers off the streets, they are going after the entire West Memphis Police Department.

Pastors Donnie Gist and Stephen Chitman, with the group Concerned Pastors and Citizens, believe that justice hasn't been served in the shooting death of DeAunta Farrow. Despite both officers being cleared by federal and state investigators, the pastors still have questions.

For instance, the pastors said, they are questioning why investigators in the report didn't find any fingerprints on Farrow's toy gun, or how officer Erik Sammis saw the gun when in the report it was stated that it was too dark.

Thursday, the pastors are called for a full investigation into the West Memphis Police Department, and said and they support the city council members who are calling for the resignation of Police Chief Bob Paudert.

"Chief Paudert doesn't own this city," Pastor Donnie Gist said. "This is the city of the people.  So, we're trying to do what's right.  If there's nothing to hide then why worry about anything that's trying to be done."

Wednesday, Arkansas' highest court put a temporary hold on a grand jury probe into the investigation ordered by Crittenden County Circuit Court Judge Victor Hill.
The group wants the investigation to continue. They believe Judge Hill saw something in the report that made him want to send this to the grand jury.

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