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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Dealership says developer Hyneman knew about Edmund Ford car lease

It was a car lease that lead to a lawsuit.  Now, a local car dealership is asking the man behind the lease to lay off.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Memphis real estate developer Rusty Hyneman claimed someone forged his name on a GMAC lease agreement at Bud Davis Cadillac.  The vehicle, a Cadillac SRX,  was leased in 2004 to City Councilman Edmund Ford's mortuary. 

Bud Davis Cadillac has asked Hyneman to drop his suit, claiming he has damaged the company's reputation.

"At some point, Mr. Ford was advised by Bud Davis Cadillac that he needed someone else on the lease with him," said William Norcross, attorney for Bud Davis Cadillac.

Norcross said Hyneman signed on the dotted line in person as a co-signer for Ford.  Other signed documents were faxed to and from Hyneman's office. 

"Our position is that he was involved in the transaction," Norcross said. "He knew about the transaction when it went down."

The lawsuit claims Joe Cooper was the salesman who leased the car.  In January, Cooper pled guilty to federal money laundering and helped federal prosecutors build a bribery case against Ford.  Norcross said Ford was not being sued by the car dealership, but he is being sued by GMAC, because he has fallen behind on his monthly payments.

"It's still in his possession as far as I know," Norcross said. "GMAC, which financed the car, has filed motion to have the car returned to them."

GMAC claims Ford and his co-signer are three months behind on a $918 per month lease payment. 

"They want the car back and they want to get paid," he said.

Hyneman and his attorney, Alan Wade, did not return our calls from Action News 5 for comment Thursday.

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