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WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

MY TURN: The Spirit of Giving

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

It’s hard to believe this, but many people here are struggling just to obtain one of the most basic of human needs – food. Abut one out of every four children in the Mid-South lives in poverty.

Thousands of senior citizens in our area are also struggling. There are many other people here who live just above the poverty threshold. They also have trouble putting food on the table from time to time due to unemployment, illness or other unexpected events.

Next Wednesday, December 12, we’re asking for your help as we work to restock the shelves of the Food Bank. The Food Bank works with charities throughout the Mid-South to provide food for those in need.

Parents, if you’re looking for a way to teach your children about the true spirit of giving this Christmas season, our food drive will be a wonderful opportunity. Pack up the car with your kids and some food donations and head to one of our drop-off locations.

I promise it’ll help you teach them a powerful lesson.

That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email or call 800-465-1210.

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