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Reported by Jason Miles

Naked man in Olive Branch gives passing school bus an eyeful

Olive Branch Police say 45-year-old Martin Hardaway stood behind his front door naked Tuesday morning as a school bus rolled by.

"That's nasty," one of Hardaway's neighbors said upon hearing the news.

The bus driver saw Hardy, and alerted the principal of Olive Branch High School, which sits just a few hundred feet away from the house.  The principal apparently got an eyeful himself when he drove by.  Soon after, Hardaway was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. 

Thursday, police confirmed there have been similar complaints in the past, however no charges have been filed until now.

"It's got to be a pervert guy, you know?" said neighbor Bobby Sayles.

Reporter Jason Miles failed to get flashed at the front door of Hardaway's house.  In fact, nobody answered.  Those who say they know Hardaway have a hard time believing he meant any harm.

"As long as he's not on the outside bothering nobody or nothing," Vontoyal Clarette said.  "You know, coming out making people try to touch him or something."

Others consider it a real-life anatomy lesson children do not need.

"I don't care if he's just walking past his window," Sayles said.  "He should have his curtains closed."

Unless his clothes are on, that is.

"If he was in his own house, you have the right to do what you want," Clarette said.

Police say that does not apply if you're naked and exposing yourself behind a glass door.

A judge first set Hardaway's bond extremely high because he lives close to a school.  We're told the bond amount was dropped significantly and Hardaway is back home.

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