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Jarvis Greer

Liberty Bowl Coaches Meet in Memphis

In one of the unique circumstances in College Football Bowl history, two Conference Coaches of the Year from their respective leagues will meet across the sidelines from each other here in Memphis in the Liberty Bowl.

George O'Leary of UCF on the Left, and Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom are in the Bluff City today as part of Liberty Bowl night at the Touchdown Club of Memphis.

O'Leary guided the Knights to their First Conference USA Championship with a 10-and-3 record.

Croom is taken the Bulldogs to their first bowl game since the year 2000.

He is the first and only African American Head Coach in the S.E.C.

"It just shows if you want something and work hard enough at can eventually get it. But it does take hard work and you can't quit." said Croom.

  O'Leary says:

"I believe most Head Coaches really act as C.E.O.'s and surround themselves with excellent assistant coaches. If you look at any successful program, that's what you'll find."

Also Thursday, the Liberty Bowl revealed it will be on the cover of the latest A-T&T Yellow Pages..

The phone books will be distributed to about a Million Homes in the Mid-South coverage area.

Expect a lot of Ground Pounding at the Liberty Bowl when UCF and Mississippi State meet in the Winter Classic..

The Two Coaches, George O'Leary of UCF on the Left, and State's Sylvester Croom, say the teams are mirror images when it comes to running the ball, and stopping the run.

They also say nothing will stop their fans from coming to the game.

 O'Leary says:

"The funniest sign I saw coming off the field at the Conference championship game said 814-miles to Memphis. Some kid had a sign up already so they'll here!">

Coach Croom more than happy his fans are coming to Memphis.

"We just about sold out of tickets that's great. And when we heard we can bring our Cowbells, well, we're really excited about that!"

The 49th Annual Liberty Bowl kicks off December 29th at 3:30pm.

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