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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Veteran remembers Pearl Harbor 66 years later

It's been 66-years since Fredrick Ross of Hernando was a young marine sitting in his bunk reading his Sunday paper.

Ross has plenty of pictures from December 7th, 1941, the day when the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. But, he doesn't need pictures to remember that day because his memory is crystal clear.
"These planes were diving down machine guns gunning and dropping small bombs," Ross said.

At first, Ross thought what was happening wasn't real.

He quickly grabbed his machine gun and took aim at the Japanese planes.

"Managed to get 5 rounds off.  I don't know if I hit anything but I did shoot," Ross said

There were two separate attacks...both lasted less than an hour each. Ross said he had some close calls.

"Dive bomber came over and I looked at the rear bomber with goggles on.  I stopped.  He let go a machine gun bullets and I can feel the bullets past me," Ross said

 Ross never got hit.
2,400 Americans weren't as lucky.

Fredrick Ross lost a lot of friends that day. But says he wouldn't trade his experience for anything.

He has medals to prove his honor. but his real treasure is his wife Vonnie. They got married a year after Pearl Harbor and are still married to today, 65 years later.

Ross said he is in the process of writing his autobiography. It is not something he wants to publish. He is instead writing it for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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