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Reported by Nick Kenney

Dorothy Brown's family deals with range of emotions

Dorothy Brown's family said they do not know much about her murder because they haven't heard from investigators. They're grieving, frustrated, and want justice.

Mother, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and children. The living room is packed with a family reunion the McKenzie's would rather not hold.

Words tell part of the story. The tears tell the rest.

Dorothy Brown, the oldest of nine children, leaves behind three of her own.

Brown was shot and killed Monday Night. Memphis Police charged Melvin Shorty for the crime. Her family says they don't know Shorty and they don't know how she knew Shorty.

Amid the hope and sorrow, another emotion squeezes into the living room.


That is because Melvin Shorty can get out of jail on $750 thousand dollars bond.

He has been charged with second degree murder and Dorothy Brown's family says that is not enough.

"The judicial system says that in that situation that this is second degree murder, then that de-values life," Keith Pettis said.

As her family struggles to cope, they must also prepare for a funeral on Saturday.

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