Action News 5 engineer robbed in brazen daytime carjacking - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Jason Miles

Action News 5 engineer robbed in brazen daytime carjacking

Whether it's for a movie or a quick bite, the Blockbuster shopping center is a popular stop for the midtown crowd.

It's where Action News Five engineer Mark Majilton grabbed a Subway sandwich Friday afternoon.

"That sandwich is gone," says Majilton.

A brazen bandit took his sandwich, his money, and his car just as he was attempting to pull out of the shopping center's parking lot.

"There was a guy with a gun pointed straight at me telling me, in a string of expletives, to get out of the car," says Majilton.

He was forced to the ground after handing over everything he had.

"He took my keys, all my money, got in the car, and drove off," Majilton recalls.

Carjackings, even in broad daylight, happen all too often in Memphis.  A search of the police incident database reveals dozens in Midtown neighborhoods alone over the last few months. 

Memphis Police say cooperation is key during crimes like these.  They say you should give a robber what he or she wants.

"The best advice we can give is to cooperate because money and property can be replaced, people can't," MPD Lt. Mickey Williams told us in a previous interview.

Cooperating with the carjacker is something our colleague does not regret.  But he might always wonder if he'll get more than a sandwich whenever he visits the same shopping center.

By the way, the man who carjacked him remains on the run.

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