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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Ford ordered to return SUV to Bud Davis Cadillac

Monday, a judge in Memphis ordered Memphis City Council member Edmund Ford, Senior to surrender his $64,000 Cadillac after defaulting on his payments.

The scandal unraveled when former Bud Davis Cadillac salesman Joe Cooper pleaded guilty to money laundering in another case.

Cooper began cooperating with the FBI and told them Councilman Ford took bribes for votes.
Ford denies the allegation, but that case dominoed into his current court battle.

In 2004, Cooper leased Ford a Cadillac SRX.  GMAC, the leasing company, says Ford has failed to make payments on the car since August.

GMAC recently began reporting the default to credit agencies, including the name of the man they say co-signed on the SUV: multi-millionaire real estate developer Rusty Hyneman.

That led to yet another twist:  Hyneman sued Bud Davis Cadillac, claiming his name was forged on the lease.  Hyneman says he wants his name out of it, but the dealership argues Hyneman faxed the application for the SUV from his own office.
Bud Davis Cadillac wants a jury trial, and is suing Hyneman for a million dollars, claiming he abused the process.

So far, it unknown if Ford has returned the SUV.  Ford had no comment Monday.

Hyneman's attorney said his client does not have the vehicle and is not responsible for it.

$6,000 was owed on the vehicle.

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