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Reported by Jason Miles

A closer look at discrimination claims by former MCS food chief

Former MCS Central Nutrition Center director James Jordan claims co-workers plotted his demise.

"You know, claims of discrimination always sound unusual," says Interim Superintendent Dan Ward.

In an official complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Jordan says quote, "I believe that I have been discriminated against because of race."  Jordan is white.

His claims were not on the agenda of a committee meeting Monday night.  But they still came up.

"You know, if he has an idea that something has happened to him, he has every right to pursue it," says Ward.  "And we have a right to respond to it," he adds.

The district distributed a seven-page response to us and the EEOC.  In it, the district denies all allegations, reaffirms its commitment to diversity, and reiterates that hiring and firing decisions are based on job qualifications and performance.

The district outlines in detail Jordan's disastrous tenure as CNC director.  That includes a $3.5 million loss, 200 tons of spoiled food, and $83 thousand in new furniture Jordan ordered for his office.

"It's so easy to say that he failed, but you know what?" asks school board member Sharon Webb.  "I can't say that for sure, cause if he was sabotaged then he didn't fail," she adds.

The EEOC will have the final say.  No word on when.   

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