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Reported by Jason Miles

Godwin once suspended for misleading dispatchers

Larry Godwin Larry Godwin

There were no guns, no badges, and no sympathy for nine officers caught last Tuesday slacking off at the Memphis Police Association building while they were on the clock.

The officers were relieved of duty as our cameras rolled.

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin did not hold back the next day, claiming the officers led dispatchers to believe they were out on assignments.

"Nine officers, on duty, were sitting in the MPA office neglecting their duties," he said last Wednesday morning at a press conference.

It was the exact same thing the Director himself was once accused of doing, in Memphis Police Department paperwork from May 9th, 1985.

Then, Godwin was charged with neglecting his duties, lying about his location, and leaving his patrol area.  According ot the paperwork, Godwin was supposed to have been that day, patrolling up in the Raleigh area, but despite what he told dispatchers, he was actually in Fox Meadows.

A hearing later resulted in a 10-day suspension.  Godwin was also docked 80 hours pay.

It was one of two disciplinary actions against Godwin in his long career with Memphis Police...the same sort of blemish the nine officers relieved last week may soon have in their files. 

It is unknown when the nine officers will learn their punishments.  They will first have a hearing, as did Godwin over 20 years ago.

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