Memphis Police Dispatchers Hard at Work

True professionals work the phones at the Memphis Police Department. When you call police, dispatchers make split second decisions that could make the difference between life and death.

Calls come in night and day to the MPD's communication office, a thankless job that these professionals take seriously. "It's the first responder and sometimes the last." says Communication's Specialist Renee LaMondu. She has devoted 23 years to taking your emergency calls, and reports like the day care van crash come home, these pros do their jobs with heart. "In this bureau we're 96 percent women here and most of the women have children. We have families. We have loved ones and anytime something like that happens, we all felt that. We worry about the children we worry about the families. How can we help them? What can we do to help them?"

MPD's dispatchers are expert communicators with a minor in psychology. "We get people that are quite naturally upset, so we try to keep them calm in dealing with them and get police there as soon as we can." says LaMondu.

For all they do, police director Walter Crew recognized dispatchers today a the Criminal Justice Center for a job well done.