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Reported by Steven Russell and Nick Kenney

Orlando Garcia found guilty of facilitation of first degree murder

Orlando Garcia Orlando Garcia
Calvin Jenks Calvin Jenks

After six hours of deliberation, the guilty verdict was read.

But a father is still dejected and a widow is still in disbelief after a jury found Orlando Garcia guilty of facilitation of first degree murder in the traffic stop shooting death of Tennessee State Trooper Calvin Jenks.

"Orlando Garcia will be back to his mother in...by the time he's 27. And we'll never see our son again," father Norm Jenks said.

His conviction carries a sentence of 15 to 25 years in prison. He'll be eligible for parole after serving thirty percent of that sentence. Orlando Garcia's mother, Norma Garcia, left the courtroom without much to say.
"We're okay. We're happy. We're okay," Garcia said.

She's okay, defense attorney Bill Massey says, for the exact reason the Jenks' are not okay.

"Her son will be coming back home. One day, be it a few years down the road, he'll still be coming home to her and he'll still be a relatively young man," Massey said.

Garcia was convicted for his role in Jenks murder.He didn't pull the trigger, but he did move Jenks body and speed away.

The Jenks wanted him convicted for first degree murder.

"All I can ask for is to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Lord knows we're going to need it," Jenks said.

Sentencing for Orlando Garcia will be on January 18th.

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