DEA agents bust drug trafficking scheme - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Lori Brown

DEA agents bust drug trafficking scheme


An early morning drug raid Thursday led to a Memphis business owner's arrest.

Drug Agents raided four locations across the city, in Bartlett, downtown Memphis, east Memphis, and a multi-million dollar home in Collierville's Panola Cove.

DEA agent Andy Diamond said agents swarmed the Collierville home of Brian Harper on Thursday searching for evidence of a drug trafficking scheme.
"He has been selling drugs for quite a while in the city of Memphis," Diamond said.

To gain entry to the home, agents tore off a security door, broke out a window, and threw in a stun grenade.  Once inside, they found a large safe in a hidden location inside the home, but couldn't talk about what was inside.
Neighbors were shocked by what they saw.

"I looked down, and there was smoke coming out to the left of the house," neighbor Marie McFaa said.

Valerie Rankins was even more surprised by the drug trafficking charges.
"When I moved to Collierville, I was told this was a good neighborhood," she said. "I don't feel as safe anymore."

McFaa agreed.  "I don't like it in my neighborhood," she said.

"Drug trafficking happens everywhere," he said. "It's in the nice neighborhoods and the poor neighborhoods, and I think that's something people forget about."

Officials said Harper is the owner of the Round One Restaurant and Bar at Winchester and Kirby.  That was also one of the locations raided Thursdays. 

Diamond said it too was being used as part of Harper's drug trafficking scheme.

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