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Study finds students who pull all-nighters have lower GPAs

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Staying up late to study probably isn't a good idea after all.

A new study indicates that students who opt for sleep rather than late-night studying get better grades than classmates who pull all-nighters.

A survey of 120 students at St. Lawrence University in northern New York found that students who never pulled an all-nighter have average GPAs of 3.2. In comparison, those who have stayed up late to study have average GPAs of 2.95.

One researcher who did another study that yielded similar results says the brain just doesn't function as well late into the night.

Another sleep expert says the findings make sense, citing data showing that a lack of sleep interferes with concentration and performance when it comes to objective testing.

Of course, there are those students who still do well despite being night owls. Researchers say that could be due an individual's own body clock.


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