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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Collierville store rewards those that say Merry Christmas

When Christmas rolls around stores in downtown Collierville are decked out with decorations.

The local banners say Happy Holidays. But inside the Hewlett and Dunn boot barn, Merry Christmas is the holiday greeting of choice.

"We got tired of everyone saying happy holidays when Merry Christmas is what its all about, its about Christ and we wanted to make a stand on that," associate Donna Buckner said.

Here, Christmas is about more than selling boots and belt buckles. For the second year in a row, Hewlett and Dunn is encouraging customers to say Merry Christmas.

Collierville native Milton Mann appreciates the sentiment and the incentive to say it.

"You go in and say Merry Christmas and anything you purchase you get a 5 percent discount," Mann said.

And a free button to boot. Buttons that say "it's alright to say Merry Christmas." 
This is the second year for the Merry Christmas Campaign. 

A campaign organizers say is about preserving a holiday message with a phrase that's been around longer than 85 year old Milton Mann.

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