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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Vandals take prank to unsanitary heights

Wrapping trees in toilet paper is a common juvenile prank.  But vandals who hit one house in Collierville got  down right dirty. 

"I wouldn't have been that mad if it was just rolling but they tried to destroy our house," said homeowner Jeff Wargo.
He said someone used shaving cream to write dirty words all over the driveway on his sister's car. 

In addition to the toilet paper prank, the suspects poured syrup all over the house.  And they left a milk jug full of urine right outside the front door.
"My mom opened up the door and there was urine on the door and it was tilted so it poured into the house and splashed all over her," Jeff Wargo, Jr. said.

 And that's not all, There was feces left on the front porch AND in the family mailbox.
Jeff Wargo Senior says the damage is well over 500 dollars.  Police say that makes the crime a felony.
"We're still investigating this and we will accept any bit of information we can," Lt. Philip arnold of the Collierville police said.
Investigators are taking this dirty deed very seriously. 

And if they're caught, the Wargos intend to press criminal charges and civil charges to the vandals who took a gross prank to unsanitary heights. 

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