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Reported by Ben Watson

New Sardis to help Hes return to China

New Sardis Baptist Church is the church that took the He family in and gave them financial and emotional support during a hard fought custody battle for Anna Mae. Monday morning, the church announced new plans to raise $10,000 to help the family move back to China.

At a news conference Monday, Jack He said he recently broke the news to Anna Mae about moving to China.

"We have told her that we are going back for a visit because we are undecided and unsure about how long we are going to stay and she seems to feel happy with it," Jack He said.

He said he has to move because his visa to the United States from China expired several years ago. Now he is seeking voluntary deportation because it will give him the legal ability to apply for a work visa that could enable him to return his family to the United States later.

He added that the fundraiser his church is sponsoring is a big help toward paying for the trip to his homeland.

"And I also need to make it clear: The reason why we are doing the fundraiser is not because I'm a lazy man. I could not make enough money because of the immigration status that is preventing me from accepting higher paying jobs," Jack He said.

Jack He said he hopes that when he applies for a work visa to return to the U.S. he will have reached a status where he can earn a higher living.

As for Anna Mae, Jack He said he was pleased with the way his daughter is transitioning from living with the Baker family, that cared for the her since she was an infant.

"She used to be very fearful of the Chinese and the Chinese culture, but now she's accepting the Chinese people, Chinese culture and her cultural identity," Jack He said.

Jack He said his family has been in touch with the Baker family through court appointed psychologists. He says he is hopeful for better relations in the future.

"And regarding the Bakers: We have no hate for them. We wish them the best and we still think as long as it is in the best interest of the child, at some point in the future, we will continue to stay in touch with the Bakers as friends," Jack He said.

Jack He said if all goes well he will move his wife and three kids back to China in a couple of months.

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