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Reported by Blair Simmons

Former alderman caught up in catalytic converter caper

According to the police report, ex-alderman, Allen Simpson was caught red-handed stealing car parts from the Tennessee Highway Patrol impound lot.

Police caught him beneath a Buick station wagon with a saw trying to remove a catalytic converter. 

According to the report, Simpson had already successfully removed a catalytic converter from a Toyota truck on the lot.

It turns out, Simpson is co-owner of Simpson Auto Parts in Arlington. And Simpson's brother owns a scrap Metal company in Gallaway, Tennessee.

Shelby County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Shular says stealing catalytic converters has become a growing trend. Criminals steal the converters and then turn around and sell the parts for up to hundreds of dollars.
He says it's just sad that this time, the criminal appears to be someone who was once a trusted public servant. 
"Fortunately in this case the alderman was no longer a sitting person on the commission out there. It makes it a little better. But people did believe in him and elected him to that position and for him to do this type of behavior. It's pretty upsetting to people in the community I'm sure," Shular said.

Allen Simpson served as Alderman from 1991 'till 2003. 

He's charged with criminal trespassing, theft of property under $500 dollars, criminal attempt of theft of property under $500 dollars, and two counts of vandalism. 

Simpson appeared in court this morning -- he's scheduled to be back in court with his attorney January 2nd.

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