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Reported by Ben Watson

Deacon chases down man burglarizing his church

Monday was a long night for Deacon Eddie Harris of Friendship United Methodist Church. It began when an alarm company called his home to say someone broke into the church.

"I realized that something was taking place, so I used caution," Harris said.

Harris got to the church before Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies, and used his truck to block the driveway.

"The person inside recognized that I was out there and he went to his car," Harris said.

But Harris' truck was blocking the burglar's escape route.

"He came directly towards me, and then he could not get by, so he backed back and went around me," he said.

That's when the 20-year Deacon sprang into action. He turned on his flashers and chased after the burglar. As the two vehicles sped down Highway 51, deputies spotted Harris and pulled him over. Harris told deputies what happened, and minutes later they arrested the burglar, identified as Matthew Revis.

Investigators said they found two bloody church speakers inside Revis' car. He apparently cut himself while breaking windows to get into the church. 
Tuesday morning, cleaning crews worked to remove blood on the church walls, furniture, even the pulpit bible.

Harris said he felt he had to act when he saw someone steal from his congregation.  He said he probably got to the church so fast after the alarm sounded that Revis did not have time to take much.

Harris said he was glad deputies arrived when they did.

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