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Reported by Nick Kenney

Road rage at Mid-South truck stop leaves truck driver hospitalized

It all started on I-40. It turned violent at a Love's Truck Stop, and it ultimately ended at a scene that was never on the original route.

According to investigators, two truckers started arguing while driving on the Interstate 40 in Crittenden County, Arkansas Tuesday afternoon.  During the incident, one driver made a rude gesture at the other, sticking up his middle finger at the man.

As the situation escalated, both men pulled off the interstate and into a Love's Truck Stop. There, the driver who received the rude gesture stabbed the other man in the chest, near his heart.

The attacker then drove away as the wounded trucker tried to follow.

Charles Ross, a witness, said the injured man soon lost control of his rig.

"(He) jumped the curb, run through all the vehicles that were parked there, knocked the signs down, tore the rims up, all kinds of stuff," Ross said.

While no one on scene knew exactly how the man was injured, even the youngest witnesses could tell he was seriously hurt.
"The helicopter came and they got him out," witness Tyler Lindsey said. "You couldn't see any blood or anything. He had his shirt off. He had a breather in his mouth."

Investigators said they were still searching for the stabbing suspect, who was able to drive away without getting caught.

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