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Reported by Kontji Anthony

City council looks back on unfinished tasks

Amid the nostalgia on the last day for most of the Memphis City Council, members were still thinking about the tasks they did not finish.
"I would have loved to have seen that we have a definitive plan for the Fairgrounds, the Pyramid.  But those are major transactions and they take time," outgoing councilman Jack Sammons said.

It is still unknown what will become of the empty Pyramid or the bare Mid-South Fairgrounds but the council is expected to pass a vote Tuesday night to turn the Fairgrounds into a Tourism Development Zone. Allowing the city to collect sales tax from future retailers.

Also, the Beale Street Landing Project should get the green light.
"We appropriated the money they will be able to start the second phase which means they'll be able to basically go to the contractors and take bids and start the construction process," councilman Scott McCormick said.
Six million dollars to begin transforming the riverfront into a promenade and landing dock. A project in which many protested the total cost of $29 million dollars.

The council is also poised to pass an ethics ordinance giving voters the power to recall city council members in question.

"This allows the citizenry to have the last say on people who might act unethically before City Council.  The law does not allow us to sit in judgement of each other here on the council," outgoing councilman Tom Marshall said.

Among the things waiting for the incoming city council are an investigation into Memphis Networx and tracking the loss of $30 million dollars in unaccounted MLGW ratepayer money.

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