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Reported by Lori Brown

Lack of sidewalk leaves apartment complex residents upset

Cheryl Dare is one of many people who lives on Court Avenue and is fed up. She says MLGW tore the sidewalk up to correct a power outage back in May. Six months later there is still no sidewalk.

"I'd much prefer to walk down the sidewalk instead of stepping in the mud," Dare said.
"It's a big eye sore messes up a lot of stuff.   People with wheelchairs have to go into the street and risk getting hit by cars," resident Jerwin Jones said.

"I'm at a loss for why they can't fix it.  Wouldn't be that difficult to do. All they have to do is lay some concrete and be done with it," resident Paul Faucher said.

We at Action News 5 were at a loss too. So we asked MLGW why the job was left undone. The company tells us, this one literally fell through the "cracks".

"The electric crew thought the gas crew turned in the card and the gas crew thought the electric crewturned it. So there was confusion between the two crews as to who turned in the concrete card," MLGW spokesperson Nick Newman said.
Once MLGW learned about the problem from us, the company wasted no time. Within a few hours, a fresh sidewalk was laid.

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