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Popular Christmas song helps raise money for St. Jude

You may have heard it on the radio recently. It is a song written by a pair of Nashville writers at Giantslayer Records.

But you don't know the singer and probably never will.

"The parents and all of us never intended to exploit a sixth grader. She doesn't even know what she did she just came in and sang a song one day," songwriter Rory Feek said.

Songwriters Rory Feek and Tim Johnson had the idea a year ago to create a Christmas song but it wasn't until just a few weeks ago the idea came to life.
"I started working on it and called Rory and I said you better get over here now and we wrote almost all of it that morning," Tim Johnson said.

After writing the song they wanted to make sure it was about the song and not the artist. So they auditioned several girls until they found the right one. She even designed the art work for the album.

"For the longest time when she was rehearsing it she couldn't sing it because she kept crying in the middle of it. Because it broke her heart to think someone's dad wasn't going to be home for christmas," Feek said.

The song is about a little girl who writes Santa a letter and tells him she wants her daddy home for Christmas. She is even willing to trade her wish for a new barbie and soccer ball. The song has even become a hit on YouTube. Something Johsnon and Feek think is wonderful.

When it comes to the artist, Feek says a great song doesn't care who sings it and it doesn't matter who the little girl is. He says it could be any little girl.

Half of the album's proceeds will go to benefit St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital. And Johnson and Feek will be at the hospital later this week to visit patients.

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