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Alabama's Hall denies Internet rumors of feud with Wilson

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Record-breaking Alabama wide receiver DJ Hall had a good reason to knock down Internet reports that he has been feuding with Crimson Tide quarterback John Parker Wilson.

Even his mom had seen them.

"She calls me, she's like, 'Why are you yelling at J.P.?"' Hall said. "I'm like, 'I never said anything to J.P.' She's like, 'It's all over the Internet that you and J.P. are getting into arguments.' I mean, she got on me."

Hall said there was no truth to rumors that he is not getting along with Wilson.

"I hear rumors like people say that me and J.P. didn't get along, we argue on the sideline," Hall said. "Where do you get this information from? Me and J.P. never once argued. ... If you read the papers, when everybody's getting onto J.P. and they ask me about him, I fight for him more than anybody on this team."

Hall owns most of the receiving records in Alabama history, but during a season-ending four-game losing streak he became the target for Internet rumors that blamed him for ruining what had been a promising season.

A senior from Fort Walton Beach, Fla., Hall spoke out Tuesday, saying he is disappointed that some Crimson Tide fans have taken out their frustration on him.

"Seeing how die-hard Alabama fans are, you wouldn't think they would say negative things about the players," Hall said. "I know some people don't think I'm the greatest person around here. All I can do is perform."

Concerning complaints that he is not a team leader, Hall said, "I'm not the verbal leader they want me to be. I'm not going to jump around and yell at (teammates) to pick them up. That's not me. I feel better by leading by example."

Nobody was talking negative about Hall earlier in the season when he pulled down a school-record 13 passes for 185 yards and two touchdowns in a 41-17 rout of Tennessee on Oct. 20. At that time, Alabama was 6-2 and fans were dreaming of a BCS bowl and a shot at the Southeastern Conference Championship.

But then came consecutive losses to LSU, Mississippi State, Louisiana-Monroe and Auburn and the rumors about Hall and Wilson.

"When we were winning, all I heard is they're a good combination, we've got good receivers. The moment we lost, and kept losing, people were like, they aren't getting along. It's crazy," Hall said.

Starting with LSU, defenses ganged up on Hall and Alabama's offense slowed down.

"I wasn't worried about that. I was just disappointed we didn't execute like we were supposed to. If three guys are on me, somebody's got to be open. That gets frustrating after a while," Hall said.

He said the only way to silence the doubters is to perform on the field. That's why the Dec. 30 Independence Bowl against Colorado shapes up as the biggest game in his Alabama career.

"It's going to be huge for me," he said. "There's nothing I like to do more than prove people wrong and silence people. When people have negative comments about you, you let it motivate you and turn it into a positive."

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