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Reported by Lori Brown

Police identify officer involved in Thursday shooting

Wednesday, Memphis police identified Officer Frank Hannah as the officer who shot and killed a drug suspect.

Thursday night, Hannah was working on a drug investigation when Timothy Jones, 18, began shooting at officers. Hannah returned fire, killing Jones.

Action News 5 took a look at Hannah's personnel file and found charges against him dating back five years.

It's not clear which of the charges against the 12 year MPD veteran were found to be true and which charges were dismissed, because the Police Department will not release that information until Thursday.

According to Hannah's personnel file, in 2002 he violated department policy on personal conduct, truthfulness, and neglect of duty.

The charges stemmed from an incident where he detained two men in Overton Park. The person being detained asked why he was being arrested.

The file says quote, "at this point Officer Hannah would not answer.  He asked for the officer's badge number, at which time Officer Hannah covered his badge and called him a smart a** and kicked his feet from under him and pushed him to the ground causing him to hit the curb and resulted in injury to his back."
Meanwhile, since Officer Hannah shot and killed Jones, officers have been facing retaliation in the section of North Memphis near where he was shot.
"Since that time we've had a couple of bogus calls to 911 one of which resulted when officers arrived he was shot at," Memphis Police spokesperson Vince Higgins said.

Higgins said the fact police officers are being targeted is a concern.

"We're not going to shy away from our job. We have to serve our citizens. We're going to continue doing that and part of doing that is making sure we get home in one piece," Higgins said.

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