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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Sermon serves up sexy subject matter

World Overcomers is a mega church that has five thousand active members according to Pastor Alton R. Williams.

And it was a very adult subject matter that was preached from the pulpit last week.

"God didn't make the anus to be a sexual organ. Like I told you, it's an exit," Williams said from the pulpit Sunday morning.
Words spoken to the masses. Williams said after he asked parents to remove the children, he placed a bed at the front of the sanctuary as a prop for the topic he was preaching. Sex in the kingdom.

An unconventional sermon. But is it inappropriate?

"I wanted to get people's attention. I wanted them to sit there and not have one boring moment," Williams said.

Two sermons on two Sundays.

"Those are questions that my couples have been asking. Is this okay? Is this alright?" Williams said.
But should those questions be answered at church Sunday morning?

We showed people around the Mid-South clips from his sermon.

"That's something you don't want to hear on a Sunday morning. That's crazy. That's wild," churchgoer Miguel Williams said.

Gloria O'Brien disagreed.
"He was talking to married couples allowing them to be free and intimacy with each other and to know that God is pleased with it," O'Brien said.
A Sunday morning sermon serving up more than Bible lesson.

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