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Reported by Janice Broach

No West Memphis council meeting after some members no-show.

The council meeting at the West Memphis city hall never got underway because the six black members did not show up. Therefore there was never a quorum. 

The council was scheduled to vote to override the Mayor's veto on a resolution calling for the resignation of Erik Sammis, his partner Jimmy Evans, the police chief, and the mayor.

The council members and the mayor showed up for the meeting and stood in the entrance to City Hall wondering what happened.

West Memphis City Council member James Holt says he would not have voted to override the mayor's vote

"I'm disappointed we were not able to have a council meeting and tend to the city's business in a timely fashion. I have no knowledge of why they didn't show up. I had no advance notice they would not show up. I had a call from one council member who said he wouldn't be here because of a family problem," Mayor Bill Johnson said.

West Memphis City council member Lorraine Robinson, who did not show up for  the meeting, said she was too busy to come to the meeting and she forgot to tell anyone.

The other black council members did not return calls.

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