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Reported by Lori Brown

Long time citizen fights to take her neighborhood back

Willie May Brooks has lived in the Klondyke neighborhood for 70 years. Ever since she was three years old.

Over those years she says she has watched the neighborhood change from a safe place to a dangerous one.

"We were neighbors we knew our neighbors now you don't know you don't know your neighbors they're in here 30 days and gone," Brooks said.
Brooks crusaded for about seven years to try and get her neighborhood back.

"We need people to join neighborhood watch, dedicated people to join neighborhood watch," Brooks said.

Police say this neighborhood bordered by Interstate 40, Watkins, Jackson Avenue, and Vollintine is a crime hot spot.   
Walter Green is the Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church on Vollintine. It's in the church's parking lot where 18 year old Timothy Jones shot at police. Police fired back and Jones died at a house across the street. Pastor Green says one of the roots of the problems in the neighborhood are all the run down abandoned houses like these.

"Tear down these blighted houses and you get rid of deviant behavior because no place for crack dealer to sell crack user to us," Green said.
Pastor Green and Brooks say the police are doing all they can and it's now up to the citizens to take responsibility.

Brooks says she just wants to feel safe again.

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