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Reported by Lori Brown

Memphis couple angry after being removed from flight

Two Memphis parents are upset after they were kicked off their Pinnacle Airlines flight through no fault of their own.

Adam and Samantha Cohen said they were sitting on the Pinnacle airplane with their two children when there was an announcement over the loudspeakers that the "couple with two children" had to exit the plane.

The Cohens said the airplane's captain said there were not enough life preservers for all the lap-children on the plane.

The Cohens were forced to go home and wait until the next morning to catch their flight to visit relatives in Iowa for Christmas.

At the time the couple was asked to exit, their baby's car seat and luggage were already checked, and airline officials refused to retrieve their belongings.
"I felt like what was more important was getting the plane off on time," Adam Cohen said. "She didn't stop to consider the safety of my children...consider I was going to somehow get these kids home without the car seat that she was refusing to get."

Joe Williams, director of corporate communications at Pinnacle Airlines, told Action News 5, "We did everything we could legally and safely do to accommodate this family. Flights to Moline have been canceled due to weather for the past three days, resulting in an unusual amount of customers wanting that flight. regulations permit up to three BIA's, or babies in arms, on a 50 seat jet. The customers in question had two, which would have brought the total to four on that flight. When no one volunteered to give up their seat, Pinnacle Airlines really had no other choice. Safety regulations simply cannot be compromised. We were able to reschedule the family on a flight today."

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