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Reported by Ben Watson

Problems continue for local shipping company

Bad weather in the Midwest is being blamed for some late deliveries this holiday season, complicating Christmas for customers of one Mid-South delivery business.

The messy weather has become a nightmare for the DHL shipping service and a number of customers who paid for their packages to be delivered by Christmas.

Monday at the DHL office on Winchester, Christmas Eve was good for some customers, and bad for others.

Customer Kim Davis was one of the lucky ones.  The toys DHL was supposed to deliver to her home last week finally showed up Monday at the company's pick-up location.

"Mine's not as bad as some of those people," she said. "Some of those people are trying to get medicine. It's not all Christmas things."

Chastity Youngman wasn't so lucky.  The drill DHL was suppose to deliver as a Christmas present for her husband never arrived.

"They keep saying they're looking for the packages, and they can't find them," Youngman said.  "It's horrible."

By phone, a spokesman for DHL blamed the delays on a rash of snow storms throughout the country, combined with the huge amount of packages being shipped for Christmas.

The spokesman said extra staffers were being used in an attempt to deliver as many packages as possible, but those explanations have did not go over well with customers waiting on Christmas gifts.

"I'll have to come back, maybe Wednesday morning, and pick it up if they can find it then," Youngman said.

"What I am going to do is go back to the people I ordered it from and complain, and hopefully they will use another carrier next time," Davis added.

With the Christmas holiday on Tuesday, the next chance the customers who did not get their packages have to check on their items is Wednesday.

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