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Reported by Nick Kenney

Last minute shoppers continue desperate search for Nintendo Wii's

Traffic stood still, parking lots stood packed, and shoppers stood in line Monday, all part of the last-minute rush to find Christmas gifts.

Even in the eleventh hour, the goal for many shoppers was simple:

"The Nintendo Wii," shopper Sonya Hunt said.

But Hunt's search was futile.

"We've been to every Wal-Mart in Memphis," she said.  "The Wal-Mart in Hernando.  The Walmart in West Memphis, Arkansas.  Circuit City..."

Jason Samson, the manager of the Wolfchase Best Buy, said finding a Wii in stock was a tall order.  His shelves, he said, have been continuously bare.

"I don't know of any retailer in the area that's got any Wii's," he said.

Michael Lee, the manager at a local Target, told a similar story.

"Nintendo's having some issues with making them fast enough for as fast as they're selling them," Lee said.

At Lee's Target store, you can still hit the bulls eye on cards, cameras, CD's, DVD's and even Wii games.  But if you want the Wii system, you are too late.

"There will be some available after Christmas, though," he said.
Online, on action sites like eBay, the sticker shock can be mighty, with prices far above what were found in stores.  Otherwise, shoppers said, be ready to purchase something else.

"What else would you want besides a Wii, if you can't get that for Christmas," Hunt asked her child over the phone at the end of her search.

2007 was the second holiday season that the popular Nintendo game console was difficult to find.

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