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Reported by Lori Brown

Faulty meter leads to high bill for MLGW customer

Eugene Foxx was shocked when he received a recent monthly bill from MLGW.  Along with his normal monthly billing amount, Foxx was charged $342 in retroactive water usage.

"The meter reader let the damage go on for a whole year and now they're billing me for it," he said. "I think that's very unfair."

The high bill arrived more than a year after Foxx's water meter stopped working.  During that time, Foxx was charged the minimum amount for water usage on his monthly bill, instead of the amount of his actual usage.

Foxx said he felt like he was being forced to pay for the utility's mistake.

"They told me, 'Regardless of anything, you have to pay,'" he said.  "How was I supposed to know?"

In a statement, an MLGW representative said Foxx has to pay because the utility is required by law to charge him.

"Because Tennessee State law requires utilities to bill customers for the services that they use, MLGW must correct bills in situations such as these," the statement read.
Foxx could not understand why the broken meter could go unnoticed by MLGW meter readers for an entire year.

"The meter reader is right in front of my house," he said. "He could have left a note the first month. (It) Could have been resolved real easy. He let it go on the whole year.  After a year, I'm billed."

The MLGW statement went on to say, "While it is only fair that customers pay for the services they use, we apologize to the customer for the length of time it has taken to identify and solve this issue. We will work diligently to identify ways that we can improve our services."

Foxx said MLGW is allowing him to pay the bill in monthly installments over the course of a year.

MLGW said if a customer's monthly billing statement shows zero consumption of water, gas, or electricity, the customer should immediately contact the utility.

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