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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Police target high crime "War Zones"

They're called War Zones:  Neighborhoods where more crimes occur each month than there are days on the calendar.
They are neighborhoods where hard workers, like Josephine Parker, can't get a break.

"All night through the nights and stuff you're hearing gun shots and people getting killed over here," she said in an interview Wednesday.

Parker worries her children will get caught in the middle of the rampant crime in their Klondike neighborhood.

"They mostly be here because I mostly be at work, because I'm on my way to work now," she said.

Just last week, a shootout erupted nearby.  Memphis Police say their organized crime unit closed in on a suspect in a drug investigation.
According to investigators, Timothy Jones as tried to run away, he turned to shoot at them.  Officers returned fire and Jones died.

Now, Jones' sister Tamara is speaking out.

"When'll it come to an end?  It's just getting hard," she said. "I mean, there are just so many crimes."
The intersection of Alaska and Henry is the epicenter of one of these war zones.  Within a half mile radius of the intersection, violent crimes have been reported in the last month.

The War Zones are sprinkled across Memphis, in neighborhoods where most crimes are committed by small groups of people who live in that community and, according neighbors, keep everyone else in mortal fear.

"This is a pretty bad neighborhood where we're living at, and I don't like living over here," Parker said.

Memphis Police shy away from using the name "War Zone," but say these high crime areas are the main focus of their Blue CRUSH program.

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