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Reported by Nick Kenney

Dumpster trash leaves one woman's yard a mess

Elissa McAdory is frustrated. A construction container parked on their street has become a catch-all for neighborhood trash.

That trash ultimately blows into the McAdory's backyard.

Thursday morning, sheriff's deputies determined the container was parked on a public right-of-way and posed a potential hazard. They posted a 48-hour tow notice.

Levitt and Sons developed the subdivision and rented the container.

By phone, division president Anthony Gunter told us the company would remove the container as soon as possible.
By by mid-afternoon Thursday, Elissa's dream came true. The container was removed.

But with one frustration out of the way, another still remains.

The container is gone, but the garbage was left behind.

So the McAdory's called Action News 5 again.

They say the towing company towed the container, but swept the garbage off the top and into their backyard. It is a mess they don't want to clean.

Levitt and Sons says the company isn't in the waste management business.

"We encourage everyone to have respect for their community and their neighbors and use the proper waste disposal system."

Still, Levitt and Sons says the garbage should be gone by the end of the week.

The McAdory's say they will be thrilled when all this stuff is gone.

Levitt and Sons says it's not uncommon for people to dump their own trash at construction sites even though it's illegal.

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