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Reported by Andrew Douglas

State fans bring tradition in the form of cowbell to Liberty Bowl

This weekend is the Liberty Bowl's finest moment. A nationally televised event for millions of football fans.

Fans have already began setting up in cold conditions.

"You leave home it's 74 degrees and you get up here it's like forty two? It's feeling great ready for a game," said Mississippi State fan Craig Fant   
The Mid-South fairgrounds is home to dozens of fans with cookers, team colors, and all kinds of statements. But one distinct sound.

The Mississippi State cow bell

"They're going to be ringing tomorrow. They're not going to know what to think out here," Bulldog fan Robert Jones said.

The ringing of the cowbell has become synonymous with Mississippi State. It is expected to be a noise heard loud and clear at game time on Saturday.

So how did the tradition begin?

"I don't know the actually history. I just know if you go to a State game there are lots of cowbells," Mississippi State alum Kim Wilson said. 

Central Florida fans didn't think much of the bell.

"Cowbells? Cows being milked? It's nothing but a bunch of bull(laugh),"  UCF fan John French said 
It took meeting an old Mississippi state cheerleader from the 60's to get the history of the bell.

"During a football game a cow ran on the field and somebody grabbed the bell and started ringing it and so it set the tradition," former State cheerleader Tom Anderson said.   
It is a tradition that will be ringing during Saturday's Liberty Bowl.

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