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Edwards gains ground in latest McLatchy/MSNBC poll

As the Iowa Caucus draws near, new polls show a potential momentum shift.

A new McClatchy MSNBC poll shows democrat John Edwards gaining ground.

In it, Edwards leads Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; all three though are within the poll's margin of error.

"Well, I think it's a complete fantasy," said the former Senator and Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Edwards.

Edwards Sunday dismissed Clinton’s suggestion that her husband Bill would stay on the sidelines should she take office.

"He will not have formal official role...He will be my close confidant and adviser, as I was with him," said Senator Hillary Clinton, Democrat Presidential Candidate.

Clinton is using the former president as an asset -- each has two campaign stops in Iowa today.

As for Republicans, the poll suggests a stall in Mike Huckabee's surprise surge in Iowa.

He’s now tied with Mitt Romney there, which may explain remarks some of his recent remarks.

"Romney's running a very desperate and, frankly, dishonest campaign," said Republican Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee on Meet The Press Sunday.

The former Massachusetts governor defended his ads.

"I think it's entirely appropriate in the political process to point out differences on issues," said Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Candidate.

But Romney got no help from John McCain.

"He's attacking Huckabee in Iowa, who's a good man, and it shows that they're worried," said Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain.

McCain’s eyes are on New Hampshire, where he and Hillary Clinton today have new endorsements from the concord monitor, the state capital's newspaper.

Candidates on both sides may have a new threat.

A week from today centrists in both parties, including New York mayor Michael Bloomberg meet in Oklahoma about whether a third party candidate like Bloomberg, could win.


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