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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Police say murder rate down slightly

Widely regarded as one of the most violent cities in the country, Memphis is winding down a year police regard as less deadly than years past.

In 2006, within Memphis City limits, 160 people were killed at the hands of another. In 2007, the number is 163.

But Memphis Police say the homicide rate is down 11 percent.

If the math seems skewed, there's an explanation.

Anytime someone's killed, investigators turn over all the evidence to the District Attorney General's office.

Prosecutors determine if the killing was justified or not. If it is not, the case qualifies as "criminal" murder.

In 2006, the D-A's office justified 12 killings, dropping the number of murders to 148.

In 2007, the D-A's office justified 31 killings, dropping the number of murders to 132.

The result is an 11 percent decline in the murder rate from a year ago.

Memphis Police say the plan is to break down those 132 murders into different categories and attempt to address some of the issues that cause some of the more common crimes.

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