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Reported by Blair Simmons

Residents press for change after latest speeding accident

Speed was likely to blame for a car accident Sunday afternoon in Cordova that sent a car crashing into a garage.  According to residents, the accident was the lastest sign of a much bigger problem.

The accident happened around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, when a teenage girl, speeding down Carlton Ridge Road, lost control and skidded into Murali Reddivari's house, mangling his garage and hitting his car.

"It was a shock to us is all I can say," Reddivari said.

The accident, which caused an estimated $55,000 in damage, would have been much worse if it had happened one minute later.  At the time the car hit their home, Reddivari and his daughter were getting ready to make a trip to a local store.  One moment later, he said, they would have been hit.

Neighbors who witnessed the accident and its aftermath said they weren't supervised at what happened.  The speed limit on Carlton Ridge is 30 miles per hour, but the average driver keeps the accelerator at 50.

"They do it a lot, and there's not policing here," Reddivari said.  "It's gotta stop."

Neighbor Tracie Martin said she was nearly hit in a similar accident.  Martin said she has called the Shelby County Sheriff's Department several times, requesting that speed bumps be put in, or that an deputy be dispatched to write speeding tickets, but she has not seen any action.

"We've lived here 3 and a half years," she said. "I have yet to see anybody come take care of the problem, except when somebody's house gets damaged."
Reddivari said driver of the car that hit his garage had to be cut out of her car, but was not injured.  He said he was glad nobody was hurt this time, but wanted county officials to do something so there is not a "next time."

"Don't speed is all I can tell you," he said.  "Don't speed."

A Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson said the department was looking into complaints of speeding on Carlton Ridge Road.

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