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Reported by Blair Simmons

Escapee's estranged wife worried about the safety of others

Nicole Ray has not slept a full night since she heard her husband escaped from jail Monday. Ray says she filed for divorce and moved from Memphis hoping to hide from him.  Now that he is on the loose, she is terrified. Not just for her own life, either.

"I'm scared because I have his children. I called the police station they're patrolling the house just because I don't feel comfortable," Ray said. "I couldn't tell you how unstable he is. He has no regard for human life."

She said he is worse than police make him out to be. In the 11 years she has known David Ray, he has been in jail more than he's been home. And he has not just been in jail for petty crimes.

"He's dangerous. Always has a gun.  All the crimes he's been convicted of he's had a weapon.  He's not afraid to shoot at people," Ray said.

Ray was last arrested in Arkansas on a list of charges. Charges that included two counts of aggravated robbery, criminal attempt to commit capital murder, and four counts of aggravated assault. He faces at least two life sentences for his crimes he has committed.

Back in August, Ray nearly escaped the Clark County Arkansas jail. Deputies say he and his cell mate jumped a jailer with a homemade knife. It was at that point he was transferred to Dallas County Jail. It was there where he made his latest escape. He and another inmate escaped through a pair of small windows.

Nicole Ray said she believes David Ray is armed and dangerous. She also believes he is either headed for Memphis, or already here.

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